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Feeding hand and caring heart

Continuously being grateful to your help we would like to write something about the winter period of our work.
Our beneficiaries’ elderly people as well as the poor families have been satisfied and cheerful during the whole year experiencing the love, help and care received.
Unfortunately, we lost 3 elderly in North Albania and 2 in Kosovo.
I would like to stress the death of Xhevahire Sinanaj who was the first lady we begun with the old people’s project. Xhevahire was the one that made us start the project with the saddest request ever, saying: “I don’t want anything else from you beside a promise that you will take care of my funeral after I die”… This was really heartbreaking as it made us see the painful reality of the miserable life of the lonely old people of Kosovo. Xhevahire passed away in November 2016 and our team went to her funeral and took care of everything that was needed. Her last wish came true, we were glad that she went peacefully to her everlasting home.
Every single effort done for these people is a diamond for our inner being. Every time we see them, they give praise and gratitude for each person that is helping them.
They continuously express how much our help means. 
Besides the hot meals, food packages, hygiene packages, medical care, medicines etc., through your donations we were able to deliver wood to 82 families in total, 33 of them were the elderly from North Albania and Kosovo, the other 49 families were from our poor people’s list funded by Multimissions and MAX maakt Mogelijk.
During the month of December the temperatures dropped -23 in the cities, in the villages around the mountains the temperature dropped to -32.
Among many elderly who called to thank us for the wood, Nushe Osmani an old lady who is living alone called to say: “Thank you for not letting me die from this frost”!
If we wouldn’t be able to help them with burning wood, we are sure that we would lose few of them during this winter because of freezing temperatures, therefore again we can freely say that your help is lifesaving.
Hot meals were as welcomed as wood, while we gave them warm rooms we were able to warm their stomachs as well.
On behalf of the beneficiary families and on behalf of Stichting de Brug we are grateful to all the donors for
making our mission possible among the lonely elderly and poor families of North Albania and Kosovo!
We look forward to our future cooperation!
Stichting De Brug